Christmas 2015

Ending this Christmas weekend with a joyful spirit. It seems the older I get the more I enjoy Christmas not because of the gifts, but because of time spent with loved ones, and of course time celebrating the true reason for the season: the birth of Jesus. 

Christmas Eve my family and I went to the 7:30 pm service at our church, New Life, and it was great to say the least, the pastor and the worship leaders never cease to amaze me.



Before leaving for the Christmas Eve service (from left to right) My mom, Lydia, myself, and Leah. 


After the service we went home and put on our Christmas pajamas and drank hot chocolate with a ridiculous amount of marshmallows. My mom, Leah, Lydia, and myself all had matching pajama pants, and my mom’s boyfriend, Sam, and his 3 boys all had Christmas shirts with comical quotes on them. It was pretty cute.


My delicious hot chocolate with a TON of marshmallows.


Christmas day was busy for me, I had 5 houses to visit! My mom’s, my best friend’s, Derrod’s, my other best friend’s, and my aunt’s. Although it was crazy, and mid-day I did get a little grumpy (I needed a nap), it was still great to be able to see all of my loved ones.

Here are some pictures of my siblings and I with our cousin Courtney.

Pictures with the family. Leah is in the red blazer, Lydia is in the burgundy skirt, my brother Japheth is in the middle, my cousin Courtney is in the gray sweater, and I am in the silver dress.


My sisters and I ended our weekend with shopping! We spent all of our giftcards at the mall. I will be posting about all of the great things I picked up sometime this week, but for now I hope all of you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did. Have a great week and try not to be too bummed out about going back to work on Monday. I love you all!



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