My 21st Birthday

Between work, school, and trying to maintain a social life I haven’t had any time to post about my 21st birthday. It’s funny how when you’re genuinely enjoying life you aren’t as worried about social media as usual. I mean, I went out just last night and didn’t post not one snap chat, didn’t check in on Facebook, and literally did not take one photo. Which is cool. I didn’t feel the need to brag about what I was doing. It’s nice to just live in the moment sometimes.

Alright, so back to my birthday. Firstly, I have to say my best friend Kate really went all out with planning it. Everything was perfect and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

We decided months before to get a room at the Monaco in Old Town, Alexandria VA. If you’re familiar with the area then you know that the Monaco is right in the heart of Old Town on King Street. The atmosphere of the hotel is very welcoming, despite the fact that I was told it was haunted by a man formerly known as James Jackson. [History Fact] James Jackson was the proprietor of a boarding house during civil war times (Late 1850s early 1860s). This boarding house just so happened to stand on the same exact property as Hotel Monaco, and Mr. Jackson just so happened to be killed in that boarding house. So rumor has it that he roams around the hotel haunting people. Fortunately for us we didn’t have any paranormal encounters.

The birthday festivities commenced on my actual birthday, which was Thursday, April 7th. We went out to a local bar and celebrated with a small group of friends and family. It was great and that night there just so happened to be live music. It was a couple with a girl known as Jessica Jane Flowers who was singing, and her boyfriend known as Juan John playing the guitar, and occasionally singing as well. Their chemistry radiated throughout the room and I was awestruck by how strong their love for one another effortlessly showed. It was amazing and on top of them being amazing in general, they were also extremely talented. The whole bar sang me happy birthday, and Jessica even shared the mic with me once to help her sing “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley.

A few pictures from my birthday night.

   I took the day off on Friday because I knew I would need that time to recuperate and also get things done for the big day Saturday. I felt like it was my wedding day. So Friday I spent the day exchanging my license at the DMV, shopping for a last minute outfit, and getting a mani/pedi.

Saturday I arrived at the hotel and to my surprise Kate had the whole room decorated, including the door to our room. It was so cute!

Before entering the room!
I thought that chair accented the decorations perfectly. There was a banner that read “Happy 21st Rachel” and cute confetti circles on the beds.
I like to think that it was my throne for the weekend 😉

The hotel knew we were celebrating my 21st, so they left a complimentary bottle of champagne along with two cupcakes from Lavender Moon that I ended up eating for breakfast the next morning.


Kate and I!


Kelly on the left and Carly on the right ❤


Jessica and myself 🙂
Jessica by herself 🙂


Pictures at the hotel before the dinner party!

The absolutely stunning dinner table at Virtue Feed & Grain where all of my closest family and friends gathered to celebrate.

More pictures from Virtue.


Photos from Magnolia’s on King where we had the cocktail party and also where I had my first legal drink of the night. Probably the best mojito I have ever tasted. They also made me 2 cakes! The atmosphere at Magnolia’s was very intimate and the servers/bartenders were extremely welcoming.


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Kate, Kelly, and I recovered the next morning with brunch and mimosas at the restaurant attached to Hotel Monaco–Jackson 20. Afterwards we took a stroll down King Street, ordered some coffee from Starbucks, and sat by the water for a while. It was the perfect ending to a perfect weekend. I am so blessed. It has already been one month since this weekend and I have been filled with nothing but happiness and love ever since. I keep telling everyone that I wish every weekend was my 21st birthday 🙂


Fact or Fiction?

Okay, so I totally think that the state of your room is somewhat a depiction of your character and/or life. For instance, if your room is kind of plain and messy, maybe there’s a cup or two, or five, sitting on your dresser, then I automatically would assume that:

A- You’ve been sick or gone for the past few days, or weeks, and have not had the time to clean.


B- You are entirely too lazy and simply “can’t” with your room.

If you have a tidy, organized room where everything has a home, then I would assume that:

A- Either you cleaned it because you knew you were having company.


B- This is simply how you are in all aspects of life: organized.




Maybe these assumptions are jumping too quickly to a conclusion, because I will admit, I work 40 hour weeks and the last thing on my list of things to do when I get home is to clean my room. So yes, you will find random piles of clothes on my floor any day of the week. However, if you gave my room a visit on Sunday, you best believe it will be clean because Sundays are my designated cleaning day. =)

So what does this say about me?

Well, if I were to analyze my room’s current state compared to my life’s current state, I would say they definitely reflect one another.

This week I found out the transmission of my car needs replacing, along with some other part that has something to do with my oil and is really expensive. In addition to that, my job has been a little crazy, my mom and I got into an argument this week (we rarely EVER argue), and the state of my mental health has been a little lower than I would like due to all of the craziness going on.

Walking into my room, my vanity has a pile of mail on it that I just haven’t had the mental capacity to even look at, I have a stack of school books on my floor that I’ve been meaning to sell online, and as I stated above, I have heaps of clothing haphazardly in piles around my room, I also have about 6 purses hanging on door knobs, the top of my closet door, and probably even one or two laying on my floor some where.

I would say that my room 100% reflects my life right now.

I would also say that I truly believe the saying that “a clean room is a clean mind” because the last thing you want to look at after a long, stressful day, are piles of clothes on your floor. If I could just come home to a made bed, and a clear pathway to my bed, I would probably feel a little bit of a relief. I think that others can relate to that, and if you can’t then you are totally a type B.