Play! by Sephora

It’s a typical Wednesday morning, I wake up and of course the first thing I go to do is check my phone, texts, snapchats, and emails.

I always receive Sephora promo e-mails, and typically I try to avoid them because let’s face it ladies, those promo e-mails are pure evil in the eyes of our bank accounts, however, this specific e-mail caught my eye because it read “By Invite Only: Join Play!by Sephora”, and I thought to myself “hmmm, I should check this out”. So I open the e-mail and it was an invite to join Sephora’s new monthly membership program called “Play!”, just like Ipsy’s Glam Bag or BirchBox, this is a monthly subscription box that contains 5 or 6 deluxe samples, and of course just like any other subscription box there is a monthly fee of $10.

I’m not exactly sure about the amount of samples it contains because in the initial e-mail sent to me it stated that there will be 5 deluxe samples, but in the e-mail sent to me after I signed up it stated that there will be 6 deluxe samples. I’m hoping for 6!

Personally I have been contemplating which monthly box I want to subscribe to, which is why I haven’t up until I received this e-mail. I am a loyal Sephora customer, I am a Beauty Insider, and I have committed to purchasing most (if not all) of my make up from their stores. This helped me in making my decision.

When you are a Beauty Insider with Sephora you receive 1 beauty point per every dollar spent. The minimum points you need to collect a deluxe sample is 100, meaning you have to spend $100 to get a deluxe sample. BUT with the new monthly subscription box you only have to spend $10 to get 6 deluxe samples. Meaning, if you were getting these samples through your Beauty Insider points, you would’ve had to spend $600 just to get these 6 deluxe samples! That reasoning was another factor in making my decision.

Whether you are with Ipsy, Birchbox, Julep Maven, or Popsugar, I think this whole new Play! by Sephora is worth taking a look at! The e-mail I received said that it was “invite only” but if you already have an account with Sephora I believe you can subscribe by using your e-mail address.

Once I receive my first box I will post about all of the great samples that comes in it =)





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